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Buyer Inspections
Seller Inspections

'Your Grayslake Home Inspector', AAlert Home Inspection visual review of the real property to determine and operability of the major components of the home.

 BUYER'S HOME INSPECTION (Real Estate Transaction) -- A visual review of the real property by 'your Grayslake Home Inspector',  AAlert Home Inspection, to determine  the condition and the operability of the major components of the home.  From  the operation of the heating and air conditioning systems, to functioning of faucets, drains and toilets.  Roofing materials checked, basement and crawl space walls are checked, windows and doors operated, all systems are checked to determine functionality.  At the end of the home inspection a report with color digital pictures of deficient items will be emailed the next day.  With each paid AAlert Home Inspection we include our value added Buyer Protection Plan, including appliance 'ReCall Chek', 90 Day Home Warranty, Platinum Roof Protection,Sewer Guard, Home Owner's Network Membership and more.  These services covers conditions that  might change after the inspection during the first few weeks of occupancy, giving you the buyer more peace of mind.  


AAlert Home Inspection, 'Your Grayslake Home Inspector' can preform draw inspection for you bank to release funds to your builder. DRAW or CONSTRUCTION  PROGRESS INSPECTION-- This type of  inspection is preformed by AAlert Home Inspection, 'Your Grayslake Home Inspector' for you and your lender on a  home that you are building.  It is done, generally in three stages so that your builder can 'draw' against the construction loan you have set up at the bank for the purpose of building your home.  This service provides the documentation to the bank that the contractor has made sufficient progress towards completion of the property to allow funds to be released to the contractor and work continued. 


New constuction inspection by AAlert Home Inspection, 'Your Grayslake Home Inspector', just prior to competion of new home. 

NEW CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION -- This inspection is typically done when construction has been completed, but one or two days prior to your final walk thru with your general contractor or builder's representative.  The goal of this visual inspection by AAlert Home Inspection, your Grayslake Home Inspector, is minimize if not eliminate last minute items needed to be completed prior to sale and your move into the property.  All utilities (Electric,Gas, Water) must have been turned on prior to this inspection.  A report of all deficient items will be emailed  to you at the end of the inspection. 


Builders Warranty Expiration Inspection -- The Builders Warranty Inspection is preformed by 'Your Grayslake Home Inspector', AAlert Home Inspection, near the end of Builder's 1 Year Warranty, usually in the eleventh month. The purpose of this inspection is to review  your new home and document any defects you may have found while living in the home, prior to end of the warranty period.  It also allows you to point out any problems you may be experiencing to the inspector for his review and documentation in his report.   The findings of the inspector will be presented in  a report, including a list of the deficient items which you can then present to the builders representative for repair.

FHA Minimum Property Standards Inspection-- For those individuals that looking to sell or buy a property using FHA backed financing. The purpose of this inspection is to review  your new home and document any defects that FHA would require being repaired in order to obtain a FHA loan.  This report can added to a regular home inspection or it can be done as a stand alone inspection and report.  The findings of the inspector will be presented in a report of the deficient items. 

AAlert Home Inspection suggests the following additional testing at the time of the inspection:
  • Lead--Tests for lead based paint, suggested use in homes built prior to 1978.
  • Mold--Tests for determination of the presents of mold and other allergens 
  • Radon--The Surgeon General states that radon, a clear, oderless, tasteless, class A carcinogenic gas. is leading cause of lung cancer in non smokers.  Radon affects the lungs children sooner than that of adults.  
  • Water--Test required for homes where a well is the primary source of water for drinking and cooking.

AAlert Home Inspection can inspect the following additional systems upon request: 

  • Alarm Systems -- review of installed alarm system components
  • Sprinkler Systems -- review of installed system
  • Swimming Pool -- review of installed pool components

AAlert Home Inspection Services:

Your standard home inspection will cover the following seven systems:


  •  ROOF


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