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This is a service we provide free to our home inspection clients with their home inspection.  But  you can purchase this service exclusive of the home inspection by clicking the far right link.

For Home Owners & Sellers you can do your own Recall Chek by clicking the button to the right. Maybe you would prefer to check your own appliances rather than having AAlert Home Inspection come to your home and do it for you.



What is Recall Chek?

That is best answered by asking you a question.  When was the last time you filled out a warranty card or went on line to register  the appliance you purchased?  Most of us want to but forget to register our appliances.  When manufactures have a problem, they do not know who to notify because few of us sent or registered our appliances.


Why Recall Chek!!

Do you know if any of your appliances have wiring problems that might result in fire or electrical shock?


What Recall Chek does.

Once applance data is entered, it is checked for manufactures recalls on the appliances listed. Listed appliances are checked monthly for new recalls.  Each month you will receive an email on the status of your appliances.  Should an appliance turn up on a recall you will be given the information to have that appliance repaired or replaced for free.

Real Estate Agents 


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