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Buyer Inspections
Seller Inspections
 Grayslake Home Inspector, AAlert Home Inspection and client discuss siding during inspection consultation
MAINTENANCE CONSULTATION -- Gives the home owner that is contemplating the sale of a property information as to the home's condition.  The property owner can investigate his property at his own pace and determining costs what he wants to repair and when. This is a consultation; no report is written. This simple, less expensive walk through, allows the home owner to consult with 'your Grayslake Home Inspector', AAlert Home Inspection, about what maintenance should be done before a sale.   The home owner is encouraged to ask questions of their AAlert Home Inspector and take notes during the consultation about steps they can take that a prospective buyer may appreciate.   Save money by walking through your property with 'your Grayslake Home Inspector' and find the problems that you can fix as desire.  Make money when you sell because your property is seen as being well maintained.
If you are considering"staging" your home, you may want to compliment that effort by taking advantage of an MAINTENANCE CONSULTATION.  This would be a good time for your 'Grayslake Home Inspector' to do a 'Recall Chek' of the home's appliances.  Make certain that your appliances  have not been recalled due to electrical short or fires resulting from poor design.  



SELLER CERTIFIED or PRE-LISTING INSPECTION -- A “Seller Certified Home Inspection” makes a Realtor and home owner happy that propect has purchased after veiwing house and seeing 'Seller Certified' Inspection Report by AAlert Home Inspection, your Grayslake Home Inspector.statement that this is a "buyer friendly house" not a "buyer beware house".  This is a house that is saying, “ my owner is confident about my condition and is willing to tell you about me”.   Many home owners may not be aware of conditions that exist in their house which the buyer’s home inspection will disclose.  Unexpected findings could change the buyer’s expectations and start prolonged negotiation and possible loss of the sale. 

Advantages of a Pre-Sale or Seller Certified Home Inspection are that it allows for better pricing.  Items found deficient in the home inspection are repaired and receipts for the completed work attached to the home inspection report.  At the very least, disclosure is made with proper adjustment in selling price.  


AAlert Home inspection, 'Your Grayslake Home Inspector' and client discuss exterior conditions during review of property maintenance.

 MAINTENANCE INSPECTION--Periodic written review by AAlert home Inspection, 'Your Grayslake Home Inspector', of a property to determines its condition in order to recommend maintenance procedures to protect property value.  Real estate investors may find this service attractive prior to or just following rental termination to identify maintenance and or repairs of structures as needed.  Investors may find it as an easy tool to stay on top of their holdings.



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